Stuck in WM

Bra wires get stuck in Washing machines and occasionally Tumble dryers.  Sometimes they protrude from any one of the 400+ holes in your washers’ stainless steel drum making it easy to remove. Sometimes though, they get right inside between the inner and the outer drums causing a minimum of rattling noises but they can, by their shape and the fact that they are steel themselves, cause much more serious problems such as heater/ thermostat /drum damage or can puncture rubber hoses or even end up damaging the drain pump. If one gets in its best to stop the machine!

Once removed, use a pillow case in future with a knot tied twice to keep all bras in whilst washing; if the wire leaves the bra it will stay in the pillow case. Alternatively they can be hand washed. Today we removed one from a Bosch Classixx Washing Machine in Sandymount Dublin 04 and luckily once tested the machine was in perfect order.