So, nothings stops a roast like the door falling off!  Right in the middle of cooking, the main oven door makes a strange noise as its being closed and then at a certain point it clunks downward and with a snapping noise it bangs on the floor! Suddenly, the entire door is off the cooker and dinner has to be postponed. Typically, the weight of the door itself over the years or accidental damage to the door somehow will result in the lower door hinge in breaking. This is not a difficult repair for a technician who can refit the door with a new hinge and once on roasting and baking can recommence! All brands can suffer this type of problem and occasionally no parts are needed. Electrolux, Creda, Whirlpool, Bosch and many more brands are fixed in all parts of Ireland. Check with us to see for yoourself how fast we can help.