Whirlpool washer dryer not spinning at the end?

If the machine is approximately 5 years old or so it will probably need the motors carbon brushes replaced. The motors speed control unit or Control PCB may have a fault and need to be repaired or replaced. Call now for service!

Why wont indesit integrated washer dryer complete the dry cycle?

If its not heating the clothes for some reason the cycle will not finish correctly. This may be due to a thermostatic fault or heater problem! If its an older model the air circulation chamber may be clogged with fluff and need cleaning. This would need a technician...

Our Tricity bendix washer dryer lights are flashing but wont work?

Flashing lights are this machines way of indicating a fault. Many machines will flash a number of times to point to the fault area. Others will flash specific lights and others will offer an error code on a display screen. See if the door locks when you try to start...

My Hoover Tumble dryer wont turn?

Probably the most common reason for this would be a motor capacitor failure. When this is replaced the machine will typically get going again straight away. In this type a professional is needed as access to this part is not easy. Another reason may be an electronic...

Why is my Zanussi Tumble Dryer noisy?

If its an older model, the bearings at front or back of the machine may be worn down from use. If its a newer dryer something may have got stuck in its fan or plastic skids may be broken. A technician would be able to repair either of these faults.