Washing Machine Drum Paddle Repairs at Home

Should your kid find their way into the washing machine;

Its possible the drum paddles or lifters may get broken but happliy its not that hard to fit new ones! You can buy these parts easily and fitting just takes a bit of know how; so heres how…first remove any old broken parts inside the drum and carefully examine the openings to make sure they are still flat. They will need some attention if buckled or protruding. Locate the new paddles plastic feet to meet the bigger side of the openings and push down firmly.

Then using some force push the paddle forward until it is fully in and wont move any more. Repeat for the other lifters and then examine the edges to ensure they have sat into place correctly. Thats it. Cant think of any brand thats not got these however some brands mould them into the drum shape when manufacturing so even if your child climbs in these should stand the trauma lol.  Washing Machine Drum Paddle Repairs at Homehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-kIP83a4RU